About Renner


Born in Belgium

The name ‘Renner’ comes from the Flemish word for ‘rider’ – used to describe all cycle race entrants in Belgium. 

Renner is the concept of John Anderson, a Scottish rider (Renner) who for over 20 years has been making regular trips to Belguim first as a ‘Renner‘ and secondly as a businessman.

Belgium is one of the Europe’s cycling heartlands. John has a special passion for Belgium, it’s good people and culture.

Designed for Scotland and beyond. 
Inspired by the classic races of Belgium.

Unparalleled Style

Here at Renner, we are trying to keep in touch with the reality of what a Renner needs for a day’s riding on the bike, whether at a race, sportive or training.

As we say here at Renner, “it’s all in the bag”, from cycling caps to a complete kit-bag of clothing and accessories.

Our products are affordable to all Renners young and old and have been tested, first-hand, in all types of weather conditions and disciplines.

We offer no nonsense items which get the job done, just like the Flandriens Klassieker Renners’ who get their job done.